Deployment & Ambiguity

Last week my countdown was 44 days. This week, there is no countdown because he got extended to stay there longer. All week I have been borderline an emotional wreck because of not knowing when I’ll get to see Chachi. I am constantly in need of planning and having everything pen pointed to the ‘t’. I don’t know how I ever got this way, because growing up as an ARMY brat I should have learned to embrace ambiguity a lot better.

To be honest, I went into this deploy very naive. I thought it would be a piece of cake because I grew up with my dad constantly deployed or temporarily stationed overseas. When we lived in California I only saw him one week out of the month.  Plus, Chachi’s last deployment seemed to go by faster. I should know in how to handle these sorts of situations, but it is so different. And I am so blessed to have my Mama around, who can walk me through the emotions and steps of being strong because she has done it for 20 years now.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like he will be leaving before the end of April. So I am trying my best to roll with those punches. Being so close, and having it ripped away from you at the last minute is the hardest thing in the world. But if we have made it this long, what is a couple more days.

The way I look at it, it gives me a few more weeks at the gym and to get a better tan (;

I am so ready for this deployment to be over though. 

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Posted on Wednesday, 10 April
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